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Bring along some drinks and snacks for an informal gathering in one of Last of the Summer Wine's most frequently used locations, offering a gorgeous view of local scenery. In addition to enjoying the view and meeting fellow fans, the Summer Winos team will also be on hand to document the occasion on video.

The picnic will be held on a patch of land used numerous times during the series recently purchased by a generous fan. Driving and Parking instructions will be added to this page nearer to the time, but you can take a quite look at the location HERE.

As per the owner:

It’s basically on the crossroads where Intake Lane, Scaly Gate & Hirst Lane meet.  Scaly gate is closed now with a big block of concrete stopping access from that direction. You can technically access it from Hirst Lane but the road up from the town is seriously deteriorated so only the most hardcore SUV is able to get up there.


My advice is everyone to access via Intake Lane and keep following the road until you reach Scaly Gate.  There is parking for several cars opposite but as Scaly Gate isn’t closed cars can also park down there.

The weather looks fine, so we're all good to go. No booking required, just turn up!

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