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SATURDAY 27th May, 2:00pm
The Civic Holmfirth

Join Bob Fischer (BBC Tees, Summer Winos) on stage as he interviews some of the performers who helped bring Last of the Summer Wine to our screens over the course of its thirty-seven year run. Then jump at the chance to ask your own questions!


Veteran comedian Tommy Cannon appeared in three episodes of Last of the Summer Wine, but this doesn't even scratch the surface of the tip of the iceberg of his career. A national treasure who became a household name as one half of Cannon and Ball alongside the late Bobby Ball, Tommy has been a welcome present on stage and screen since the 1970s in projects like The Cannon and Ball Show, The Boys In Blue, I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!, Not Going Out, and much much more.


Jonathan Linsley charmed Last of the Summer Wine audiences as Sid and Ivy's nephew "Crusher" and went on to appear in First of the Summer Wine as "Chunky". In advance of his one man show later in the evening, Jonathan joins former cast-mates to share memories of filming.


Stuntman Stuart Fell doubled for Bill Owen as Compo for many years and has a tale or two to tell about his many pratfalls, runaway rides, and tumbles. In addition to his work in Last of the Summer Wine, Stuart has also performed all manner of death defying feats in films and television series like Doctor Who, Superman, The Empire Strikes Back, Blake's 7, The Goodies, 'Allo 'Allo, and Keeping Up Appearances.

David Fenwick had big shoes to fill as the young Norman Clegg, but proved himself across two series of First of the Summer Wine. A familiar face across film and television, David has appeared in the likes of Grange Hill, Emmerdale, Heartbeat, Coronation Street, The Krays and more.


Approximately 90 minutes plus an intermission

Summer Wine Memories has been staged as part of the 50 Golden Summers celebration of Last of the Summer Wine. To find out more about other events, please visit:


NOTE: All guests are subject to professional and personal commitments. Please be aware that guest line ups and event content may change without notice. 50 Golden Summers reserves the right to make alterations to an event rendered necessary by unavoidable cause.

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